Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bernie Sander's Rally Oakland CA

Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

I attended the Bernie Sanders rally in Oakland yesterday although I couldn't stay for long. I wanted to get a sense of who was there. I also wanted to interview a few young people. I need to become more experienced talking or interviewing people so forgive any mistakes I might have made. I know when one of these young women said that although she supported Sanders he wasn't her ideal candidate I should have asked who was.

The TSA ran the security along with secret service and we had to pass through metal detectors after first entering a closed of quadrangle before we could get in. All our bags were searched. The rally was very carnival like in it's atmosphere with rock music, songs that used the word "revolution" but not in the way Bernie means it I don't think, as increased voter turnout. I spoke off camera to a number of older white lefty looking types and in each case I was correct in my assumption that they were Greens for Bernie or more accurately, Democrats posing as Greens. "I'm a Democrat until the 8th" one older guy told me which I assume is when the California primary is due and he can go back to hibernating in the Green Party.

It is a great feeling to be around young people and these two were really alive and a treat to talk to. I used to have a tee shirt that said "Young people are the solution not the problem" I wore it out and need to get another one. The youth energize us.  It was mostly a white crowd although there were some Latino's there and a few black folks. It may have changed as I left right after this and as the young women reminded me in the video "We come late".


Sean said...

Thank you for this very informative interview. Sean O'Torain.

Jack Gerson said...

Sanders has certainly reached millions and drawn them to support him. But Sanders does not encourage mass direct actions. To the Sanders campaign, it's all all about getting out the vote. Activists are told to prioritize voter canvassing over mass actions. But mass movements aren't mainly focused on elections.

beatriz viacava-goulet said...

A true leader unites and uplifts not divides and oppress....
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