Thursday, May 26, 2016

A contribution to a debate in Green Party on adding an anti capitalist plank

by Sean O'Torain.

Capitalism will destroy life on earth as we know unless it itself is destroyed. It will do so either through climate change, nuclear war, pollution, drought, mass starvation and poverty or more likely a combination of all of these. And there are people in the GP who are opposed to saying the party should be against capitalism.

These people are blind. Human society is at a cross roads. We had primate hunting and gathering societies, we had slave societies, we had feudalism,we had and have capitalism. Society is now at a stage where it has the science and knowledge to do one of two things. If capitalism continues, this knowledge and science will destroy life on earth as we know it.

If capitalism is ended and replaced with democratic socialism based on an international plan of production then this knowledge and science can be used to transform life on earth in the most unimaginable positive fashion. And the right wing in the Green Party are arguing about mom and pop stores!!! And the leadership of the GP will not take up a strong fight for the anti capitalist amendment.

After Stalinism collapsed, a bourgeois writer, Francis Fukiyama wrote that we were at the end of history. This was nonsense. We are at a cross roads in history. Either capitalism will be ended or life on earth as we know it will be ended. And this is not centuries away. This is decades away.

I will not go on any more about historical materialism because this is what I am talking about here. But just remember, this human society did not develop in a straight line. There were times when what were then advanced societies that no longer advanced . Instead they collapsed or were overthrown by more primitive societies. The ruins of these old societies can be seen in the pyramids in the jungles and deserts, in the old cities under oceans, the old stone formations which show an advanced knowledge of astronomy. But these all were unable to develop further.

Human society today is faced with this danger. Being unable to develop forward into international democratic socialism based on the now progressive class, the working class. If this does not happen, if we do not end capitalism, human society and life on earth as we know it will be destroyed. The blindness of those who refuse to support the anti-capitalist amendment that is being discussed in the Green Party as step forward, is absolutely staggering. We must all organize to prevent this campaign from succeeding. 

And the leadership of the GP must get off their a... and fight for the anti capitalist amendment and further, to make the GP an eco-socialist party based on the progressive class in history at this time - the working class. 

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