Saturday, February 13, 2016

Zionism: Some thoughts for Sanders supporters.

Sean O Torain

I am very sorry to see no comment from Sanders supporters about how Sanders again and again votes for military budgets and again and again refuses to call for taking from the military industrial complex to fund his programs instead just increase taxes a little on Wall St. 

Then there is his refusal to oppose Zionism. Look at how Zionism is getting let off the hook. Sanders and US imperialism refuses to oppose its slaughter of the Palestinians. But look at something else. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are being driven from their homes by the barbaric military conflicts in and around Syria. Sanders calls for the extreme reactionary Saudi regime and others like it to be sent in. Incredible. But more important and to think a bit more deeply. The refugees are being driven into all the neighboring countries and up into Europe. What about Israel. Why is the Zionist regime of Israel not opening its borders to refugees? Why does Sanders not have something to say about this. Ah but I can hear: this is totally unrealistic. Many of the refugees would oppose Zionism. Of course they would. But what does this say. It says the whole Zionist policy is utterly reactionary, it pits the Jewish people against the rest of the people of the Middle East. And not only that. It prevents those sections of the people of Israel who will be looking at the refugees and wishing they could help them from helping them. It crushes all that is humane within the Israeli people. 

And in the longer term look at the madness of Zionism. It has its arsenal of nuclear weapons. Always unmentioned by US imperialism and Sanders. But think of this. What happens if Zionism decides at some stage to use these nuclear weapons. They do not keep them for nothing. Imagine what would happen. Either it would take out all the opposition in the area and in this case it would itself just about be wiped out by the nuclear fall out this would cause. Another possibility would be it would not take out all the opposition and other states like Pakistan would retaliate. Or out of the ruins new groups would form and be prepared to do anything to get at Jewish people, not just Zionists, world wide with dirty bombs and other methods. 

Another result would be that Zionism would become a pariah and make Jewish people pariahs throughout the entire world. I cannot for the life of me see how any sensible person never mind any socialist can support Sanders as he stands quiet while Zionism exists and while US imperialism rules through the links political and military industrial with Zionism. Imperialism and Zionism are a catastrophe for the Middle East including for the Jewish people.

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