Sunday, December 6, 2015

US led looting and slaughter in Middle East creates Islamic terrorists

By Sean O’Torain

The slaughter in San Berndardino has to be condemned by all. Just like all the mass shootings that take place in the US. Like the mass murder of the nine African American people in their church by the white confederate flag racist, like the killing recently of the health workers in the women's rights clinic in Colorado. We could go on and on listing the mass killings that take place by the hundreds in the US every year. The root cause of these killings is that US capitalism is a sick society. And a sick society which makes it easy for the sick people and politically alienated people to get weapons of mass destruction such as high powered automatic weapons. This sickness at the root of US society has to be addressed if these killings are to cease. 

But it is not only that. The shooters in San Bernardino were a couple from a Middle Eastern background. By their huge arsenal and bombs they were clearly going to carry out some kind of attack. Why was this? Where did these people come from. Who created these people? Why did they end up in the US killing US workers? These are the questions that have to be answered if these killings are to end. The answers to these questions are very simple.

Of course they are never given by the mass media of the corporations. They do not want to know the answers.  Look at it this way. If you have a neighbor and you continually steal his or her property, if in doing so you continually beat him or her up, bomb his or her property and home. Then what do you think is going to happen? Your neighbor will strike back. Anybody with an ounce of sense knows this. Such aggressive behavior towards your neighbor is only asking for trouble. In todays world everybody is everybody's neighbor.

Now look at the Middle East. The imperialist countries led by the US, that is the major corporations in the most economically advanced countries, have been looting and robbing the Middle East for centuries. Whenever the people resisted, this resistance was put down in blood. Along with this the region was carved up into pieces and one group turned against the other in order to divide and rule. That is why we are where we are today. That is the background to what has created the people who shot US working people in San Bernardino, that is the background to what has created ISIL and what created the people who slaughtered in Paris. It is not complicated.

There is a solution. The corporations and militaries of the rich capitalist countries must stop looting and invading and occupying the Middle east. This is the first step that has to be taken. Anybody with a half a brain in their head should be able to see this. Of course if this is understood the major corporations and their militaries will have to pull out of the Middle East and they would lose their wealth and profits and their stooge regimes would fall. So better to hide this reality, prop up their stooge regimes especially the Zionist state of Israel, and instead turn people against the Muslim religion. This is what is going on. 

The events in San Bernardino are a microcosm of the world processes. The shooters were of a Middle Eastern background and both were Muslim. 

Apparently before the shootings the male shooter was in an argument at the convention/party with a co-worker.  This coworker was described in an article in the Guardian newspaper  as a "strong supporter of Israel" . This piece of information is almost impossible to find in the US mass media. But even if it does become more widely known it only raises other questions. For example which Israel did he support? Was it the Zionist Apartheid state Israel? The Zionist Israel that brutalizes and demonizes Palestinians, shoots and imprisons their children, steals their land? Was it the Israel whose politicians call for death to Arabs and Muslims. It turns out that this was actually the Israel he supported. He had a FB page where he made attacks on Islam and Muslims. His page is still up but there is now no evidence of any comments of this nature. He was a right wing religious fanatic. He did not even believe in climate change. He was a right wing Zionist. Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Jews, even those in Israel, agree with many aspects of Israeli society, especially the racism that is built in to Israeli society. There is nothing in my mind that can justify what those young Muslim's did. But as we pointed out in a previous comment on our blog, what the US government does abroad, which forces it supports, arms and champions, has an effect on all of us.

This killing is not simply about a mentally ill man and it is not about gun control, it's about politics and US foreign policy. This information about an anti-Muslim co-worker certainly points to motive, to why the attack took place where it did. It also shows that the days when the US corporations and its militaries can loot and plunder the world and there is no blow back in the US are over. For security and an end to violence in the US, both by home grown terrorists and deranged people and by terrorists who are motivated by events abroad, US society has to be changed. US capitalism and the profit mad war criminals who run this society have to be overthrown. 

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