Friday, December 11, 2015

Life on earth and Otter happiness.

Otters holding hands. See more Otters by clicking the link below.

Sean O'Torain.

Just imagine. If capitalism continues life on earth as we know it will be destroyed. Sometimes it is easy to think about this catastrophe just in terms of the human species. But this is a serous mistake. Already an estimated 50% of species have been wiped out. I enclose below a link to a few wee dudes from one of my favorite species. Check them out. Look at how they seek to play with the human being and how happy they all are. Otters are characters alright. Check out one of my other favorites. A different dude. Google  honey badger and go to "nasty assed honey badger." It will go too probably though maybe last longer as it is so tough. A real as the title says nasty ass. But it will not be tough enough to survive if capitalism is not overthrown.  

We have to end capitalism before it ends life on earth as we know it.

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