Thursday, November 5, 2015

Forbes Magazine:World's Most Powerful person.

Sean O'Torain.

Where is the leader of the working class? 

It is interesting to see the top most powerful people in the world according to Forbes Magazine. They are: (Not all are in this Photo above.)

1. Vladimir Putin – Russian president
2. Angela Merkel – German chancellor
3. Barack Obama – U.S. president
4. Pope Francis
5. Xi Jinping – Chinese president
6. Bill Gates – co-founder of Microsoft, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
7. Janet Yellen – Federal Reserve chair
8. David Cameron – U.K. prime minister
9. Narendra Modi – Indian prime minister
10. Larry Page – Alphabet CEO

What conclusions can we draw from this?  US imperialism is getting weaker. Obama its representative has fallen to third place. It is less able to dictate events in the world. We should not go too far with this as US imperialism has military bases in close to 200 locations around the world. But one of its problems is it cannot afford to maintain this military outreach and so it is moving to cut the living standards of its own working class. This will result in a further weakening of US imperialism. But it's like a wounded animal, it is capable and will be capable of lashing out with extreme ferocity. Huge countries such a China, India and Russia are increasing their leverage. Big economies like Germany also. Japan does not appear in the top ten. In spite of its large economy it is militarily weak, something it is now moving to try and correct with its new laws to allow it to be involved in military action abroad.
A few other conclusions. There are only two women on this list. These are top capitalist representatives. Even at the highest levels of capitalism there is discrimination against women. This shows that capitalism can never eradicate  discrimination against women even at its highest levels. Heads of capitalist companies are confined to the high tech sector. This reflects the shift in the world economy and production. There is also of course the top man in that major capitalist organization the Catholic Church. 
But it interesting to see the  force that is not represented on this list. It has 200 million members organized in the one organization. It has the ability to stop production, transportation, communication and other sectors of the world economy. It can stop the world economy. This is the working class, the 200 million that are organized in trade unions, and the billions who work in the workforce but are not organized.  Not a single one of these leaders makes it into the top ten most powerful people in the world. What a condemnation of the role and policies of this caste which sits at the head of the world's trade union movement as well as political parties that claim to represent workers' interests. These people are a disgrace. The working class will have to transform its existing 200 million strong organization. It will have to build an organization of hundreds of millions of fighting workers internationally. It will have to elect leaders that are prepared to challenge and end capitalism.  This is the way that the working class will become the most powerful force in the world.  And not only have leaders who will make it into the top ten most powerful people but who will help its class end capitalism and rule the world. 
By the way, as this new movement is built, the changes in the workforce will have to be recognized in another area. Half the world's factory workers are now women. This is a huge change. The new movement that will be built will have to reflect this at all levels. For a woman workers' leader to change the world.

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