Friday, October 30, 2015

The Bush and Obama Age of Terror

Thought folks might find this interesting if you haven't already seen it.  There are perhaps more mass murderers living in our midst, walking free and having great wealth here in the US than any other nation.

When you think of the young US lives lost through their actions that's bad enough. In addition, do not let the name Pat Tillman disappear from memory. He was all over their mass media when they thought he was going to be a poster boy for their wars and encourage young working class men and women to sign up to defend the nation. Tillman was a genuine person, not like Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Obama, the Clinton's and others who amass great wealth through war and plunder. Tillman did not like what he saw, he was not going to do their bidding and, in this writer's view, was killed by them for it. He was going to come back with a different story and they weren't going to allow that.

See: The Tillman Story     There's also a good documentary about Tillman's death and cover up here
Here's a trailer to the movie.

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