Friday, October 9, 2015

Pope Video. The mask slips.

Look at this right wing capitalist fraud. 

Sean O'Torain.

This pope, the name is special you see, meant to give whoever holds this position, always a man,  some special aura, is in the news again. Not the big headlines the capitalist press gave him when he was in the US and Cuba pushing his capitalist and pretend liberal policies. This time, the coverage is much less: a small article tucked away in one or two papers. This time it is about a video of this man, unelected by the over 1 billion members of his organization, the main church of capitalism, and a man who thinks women are inferior.

The video of this man was shot in Osorno, a city in Southern Chile. In his speech this person called the local members of his own church "dumb" for protesting against a bishop accused of being complicit in clerical sexual abuse. This so called progressive unelected dictator of the Catholic church  accused the people who were protesting about this bishop of being "dumb" , because they were in his words "being led by the nose by the leftists who orchestrated all of this." If "all of this" that is the crime of sexual abuse by the criminals in the Catholic hierarchy was all orchestrated by leftists, then why has the Catholic church paid out tens and tens of millions of dollars worldwide to cover this up. This Francis is a fraud. He is a pro capitalist politician/bureaucrat/preacher trying to hold capitalism together, trying to get capitalism back into Cuba, trying to scrape the dirt of sexual abuse of his own organizations clothes, trying to continue to keep women in an inferior role. He is also studiously avoiding any talk about his own activities in the dirty war in Argentina when left wing people and activists were murdered by the US and Catholic church backed dictatorship there. Many were taken out to sea in helicopters and dropped alive into the ocean. This Francis is a right wing fraud and hypocrite.

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