Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cops claim they are intimidated by protests against their violence shattered by videos from South Carolina school.

Sean O'Torain.

The cops were on a major propaganda offensive these past days to say that they were intimidated from doing their job by protests against their violence and brutality. This has been a spectacular failure. It has blown up in their face. And all because of the video from the South Carolina school which shows the armed brute of a white cop physically attacking the heroic young African American female student. Not much signs that this cop is in any way intimidated. He throws the young female student round the class room, howling at her, twisting her arms behind her back, kneeling on her. As I hear again and again. If that were my daughter I would tear that cops arms out. He is a savage bully.

But now we have the fightback from the cops and the state. And of course they have their whining supporters and their racists chiming in to back them up. Well what was the young female student doing before the cop attacked her they ask? As if this made any difference. There was no way there could be any justification for that cops attack.

Now there is the claim they have a third video which shows the young woman striking the cop. But what does it show? Even the pro cop capitalist media have to admit  the weakness of their third video defense. This third video, one media outlet says shows the young female "punching the deputy during the confrontation." Another says it "shows the girl flailing at the officer as he is already in the middle of flipping her chair over." They are trying desperately to cloud the issue with this third video but they cannot. This brutal cop attacked this young woman. If she "punched him during the confrontation" if she "flailed at him as he was already in the middle of flipping over her chair," good for her. He had already attacked her. If she did these things she was acting in self defense. She is a heroine. She exposed the whole cop claim that they are intimidated because a lot of people are demanding they act properly. This young woman is a heroine.

And now it is coming out that this cop was up twice before for violence. One African American man tried to take legal action against him for beating him up. This African American man also says that this cop called him the N word and laughed at how good it was that Johnny Cochran was dead. And with all this that cop was kept on the force and even given an award.

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