Saturday, October 10, 2015

Chinese police suppress land protesters. Not the Israeli way.

Just a small glimpse in to one of the frequent occurrences in China, people protesting government takeover of land.  What caught my eye in this short clip was the rock throwing.  The protesters threw some large chinks of stone at the cops.  In Israel, not only would they not get so to close state security, they would be shot (Palestinians that is).  Europeans, Jewish religious fanatics that settle on land stolen from Palestinians, Jews from the US, Britain, South Africa and elsewhere can get away with throwing rocks at police but not Palestinians.

I thought it would be the other way round, Israel is a Democracy and China is-----it's a dictatorship isn't it?

But these protests in China occur thousands of times every year.  Then there are the strikes that have occurred even though there are no independent unions.  At the Foxconn factory that makes I Phones I Pads and other stuff for western companies there have been numerous protests of sorts. Foxconn is notorious for its inhuman working conditions and robot like treatment of workers and is run with military-like discipline. Workers threatened a mass suicide to protest working conditions in the past and after a rash of suicides in 2010 the bosses installed safety nets to catch them.

As readers are well aware, the Chinese economy has slowed and this has had an affect throughout the world, especially in the emerging market economies that export raw materials. The Chinese slowdown has caused a huge drop in commodity prices.   Australia's boom was kept alive thanks to its mining industry and Chinese demand.

As I write it the incredible integration of the world economy comes to mind and at some point the Chinese working class, hundreds of millions strong will enter the scene in a mass way.  Like the US, China will erupt at some point.

Throughout the world there is resistance to capitalism and its wars, its poverty and its environmental degradation.  The US cannot immunize itself from revolt.


sharonsj said...

Please give me factual listings of where--in the U.S. and other non-Israeli places--Jews have thrown rocks at police. I bet you can't.

Richard Mellor said...

We're talking about Israel and Zionists in particular. The Jews that come from South Africa and US are Zionists overwhelmingly. The settlers are neo fascists, religious fanatics. I should add their Christian Zionist allies. The Palestinian youth are throwing rocks at the forces of ethnic cleansing. They are not simply "police". They are a brutal occupying force whose aim it is to destroy a culture and cleanse the area of occupation of any resistance. Sort of similar to what Nazis did to Jews in Europe.