Monday, October 26, 2015

Bill Gates. Zionism. Intoxicated Honey Badgers.

Looks like a member of the Republican Party "Freedom Caucus."
by Sean O'Torain.

Bill Gates says the private sector cannot deal with climate change. Two top Zionist intellectuals come out for divestment from Israel. The Washington Post prints 
their article and it is the most widely read article in that right wing paper today.

What is going on?

Sections of capitalism are getting extremely worried: that is what is going on. Worried that their system will destroy itself. That is what is going on. Along with that, what was the main capitalist Party of the most powerful capitalist country in the world, the US Republican Party, is dominated by what resembles a heard of scratching honey badgers unable to recover from an overdose of snake venom. Things are bad. And on top of that, the present front runner of that US capitalist Republican Party is an idiot who believes in creationism. It is not that this moron says he does not believe in evolution to get votes in the primaries. This moron actually does not believe in evolution.

Capitalism is in a bad way. But so is the working class if we cannot build a mass revolutionary force to overthrow it. Sean. 

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