Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Massive protests in Ireland against water privatization (Video)

One of the largest demonstrations in Ireland in decades took place last week against the privatization of Irish Water. This is a great video that gives a sense of the mood in Ireland, that after bailing out the bankers, the Irish people have had enough.  Recently the Irish people became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage by popular vote. And women are playing a crucial leading role in this struggle.

It is interesting that this radicalization of Irish life coincides with the breaking of the stifling control the Catholic Church has had in this country for centuries.

Watch HUGE protest at water charges in Ireland
Ireland has seen the largest protest movement in decades. People have always paid for water through their taxes. The Irish Government want people to pay for water as a commodity. Now people, after 7 years of austerity have said enough is enough. This movement is much greater than water, it's about homelessness, health services, bad jobs and people want a future & country worth living in.Listen to the voices of those who protest- they are just like you and me. Tag anyone you know who should see this.Don't forget to SHARE!Tell us when you've seen the 'Pennies from heaven'!Like what you see? Tell us below and 'LIKE' our page!
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