Sunday, September 13, 2015

A tidal wave to Labor in Britain. Some Quotes.

Youth and workers give Corbyn victory. 

Sean O'Torain.

Below are some quotes from different sources which give an idea of the change in mood in Britain. How quick things can change. It is hard to remember now the recent elections there which put the extreme right Cameron in the Prime Ministers job and wiped out Labor in Scotland. A great opportunity now exists. This does not mean that things will be simple or that Corbyn will make all the right decisions. But there is an opportunity and all activists and people who want change for the better for working people in Britain must come together to build a movement in the unions and Labor Party and within this discuss and clarify how to end capitalism in Britain. Part of this process should be the building in a non sectarian fashion a democratic socialist current within this mass movement.

By the way, US imperialism has received a blow too. British imperialism is its most important ally. They have the nuclear weapons there. British imperialism follows US imperialism into its wars like a lap dog. The victory of Corbyn, but more important the hundreds of thousands who are looking to organize and fight, is of world significance.

"Some 15,500 people have joined the Labour Party in the 24 hours since Corbyn's election, general secretary Iain McNicol said, taking the membership to a third of a million and rising.

Corbyn is expected to receive a hero's welcome at the Trades Union Congress on Tuesday, before facing Cameron in parliament on Wednesday.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady warned that Labour now had to regain the trust of workers. Labour has to win back the trust of ordinary people," she said as the conference got under way.
"Clearly we want to see somebody leading not only a party but leading the government that introduces policies that will make a real difference to working people's lives."

"Death of New Labour," read The Sunday Telegraph newspaper's front-page headline. "Labour isn't dead, Blairism is. Jeremy Corbyn finally killed it," the pro-Conservative weekly said, adding that Corbyn had defeated "boring Blairites".

The Guardian's columnist Rafael Behr said Blairism was "buried beneath the rubble and a different structural and cultural divide has been revealed. "It is between established Labour... and insurgent Labour, a complex hybrid of organised coup by dogged old warriors of the left and spontaneous, organic uprising by idealistic new recruits."

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