Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy July 4th in Chicago. 62 shot 10 dead

by Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

Nothings wrong over here in the US is it?  We're the bestest, most freest people in the world. We're better than those French 'cause as George Bush said, "They don't have a word for entrepreneur." The Greeks are just lazy, just like our own public sector workers who expect more than a week's vacation a year and more than 4 days sick leave and stuff like that. Auto workers destroyed the auto industry with their greed. Latinos from the south, forced north by hunger and desperation made all the more severe through Nafta that decimated US communities,  are threatening our very existence robbing raping and generally causing havoc. One thing good about immigrants is they're desperate enough to toe the line, with the exception of European and other foreign immigrants from the middle classes who can play tennis, they're good immigrants too because they sure can sell a lot of Gatorade in Serbia.

The cop in this piece says the "system is broken", were he to be talking about the economic system of production on which our political superstructure is built then that would be a step forward but regretfully he is talking about the prison industrial complex. "Criminals don't feel the repercussions of the justice system,", he adds. In other words, as we hear time and time again, the system is soft on crime. What nonsense. Am I supposed to think that 40 years in solitary is easy street?  I'm not a psychiatrist fortunately but get this, Jeffrey Dahmer was sent to prison and was one of the worst mass murders in our history.  What the authorities do in these cases is have a shrink check 'em out to make sure he is fit to stand trial so they can execute him. He was putting body parts in vats and eating them for Christ's sake. Do we honestly think a guy boiling people up in vats and eating body parts is going to be deterred by a "stiffer" sentence or the death penalty?

The prison industrial racist justice system is not about helping anyone, it's about the warehousing of human beings, some marginally criminalized through unemployment, racism, drug abuse or alcohol addiction as the antidote. Just being beaten down, not being able to care for your family like you've been taught from day one you should do. You're less than a man if you don't. You have failed if you don't. If you are a woman and working outside the home as well doing unpaid labor within it you might be too exhausted to give your child the care it needs, the nurturing it needs. It just might get in trouble with the cops a bit later on. They'll be waiting in the wings to ensure the 1% that no political remedy willcome out of any anger that results from this scenario.

It's hard to fight capitalism as it reaches in to one's home, turns up the volume of the TV and encourages your toddler to pester you for some commodity they've. got in store for them.  In fact Madison Avenue has judged the worthiness of ads by referencing their "pester power". They even have child psychologists work on ads for candy and stuff to make it more attractive to kids.  The the treasures of a good education. Who cares about ISIS?  Let's get these bastards off our backs first.

These killings in Chicago, 62 shot 10 killed is terrible. although I haven't read about them in depth it'll get the usual treatment and there will be the usual blame that many workers both black and white and others will place on the shoulders of the black population of the urban centers just like the West Virginia poor are blamed for the drug and crime in that community which is at crisis levels. We are supposed to accept, and some do,  that working class people have any control over the structure of economic life and the work needed to live a decent existence.

They want us to forget West Texas where a fertilizer plant exploded killing 14 people and injuring 200. I commented on this here. That is their fault I suppose. I suppse the tractor driver with two kids stood his ground and supported the building of a school next to a place that stored tons of highly explosive material.No doubt he fought hard to have the nearest fire hydrant installed 1500 yards from the plant.

 The New York Times headline in the aftermath of that catastrophe proclaimed that the fertilizer plant, ”Fell Through the Cracks of Regulatory Oversight.”. “Fell through the cracks”?  What “cracks” are these I wonder?  The Times again, “The uncertainty over who was aware of the chemical at the plant and who was not…”  Ok, we have “cracks” and “uncertainty” so far but there’s more; there were “bureaucratic cracks at the federal, state and local levels” says the Times. It’s hard to grasp it all except it seems no one was responsible. It was just a matter of cracks.  The blast destroyed homes within a five-block radius. It “…destroyed a nursing home, an apartment complex, and a nearby middle school, according to the New York Times, the blast left a crater 93 feet wide and 10 feet deep, and the fire 'burned with such intensity that railroad tracks were fused.'" (

Then there was the West Virgina chemical spill that poisoned the river leaving people without water. The BP spill and other such market driven crises. Americans are plain irresponsible, except when they want to send our kids to Iraq.

This horrific statistic in Chicago this weekend is not about black on black crime. It's not some genetic problem one group of people has that another doesn't otherwise most of the US body politic would all be mass murderers. Five million foreclosures were not the product of irresponsible borrowers any more than indebted students.

It's part of the never ending war on working people. It's gotten worse through globalization and the intensity of the austerity agenda of the 1% that is a response to it. For the poor, and those in the communities of color, the intensity has always been greater but that divisive card is getting harder to play.  The tragedy in Chicago, coming on the heels of the terrorist attack on the black church in South Carolina shames us to the world. Yes more people with white skin are incarcerated most likely Yes more of us are poor, yes more of us are on welfare but that's because there's far more of us. It's the percentage that's devastating and it is all of us that have to correct it. We must all of us refuse to buy in to the "blame the victim" game. 

The politicians of US capitalism who  roam the world lecturing nations and ancient cultures about democracy and how to govern have no credibility with the worlds working masses, heck, they have no credibility with us. We must disown them and dismiss them.

In the article below the cop is right, the system is broken, capitalism and the so-called free market has failed humanity as sure as Stalinism and Nazism failed humanity.


Chicago's Bloody Weekend: 62 Shot, 10 Killed

By Arden Dier,  Newser Staff

Posted Jul 6, 2015 9:13 AM CDT

(Newser) – Gunshots mingled with the sounds of fireworks over Chicago this weekend: 10 people were killed and 54 others were injured in shootings between Thursday afternoon and early today, reports the Chicago Tribune. Half of the casualties occurred during a nine-hour stretch from Saturday evening to early yesterday, according to police. Among the dead: a 7-year-old boy killed outside his home shortly before midnight on Saturday. Amari Brown was hit by a bullet "that was meant for his father," a known gang member who was standing on the front porch, police tell the Chicago Sun-Times.
"There were several people around that witnessed this heinous act, and we know somebody knows something," says the pastor of a church offering a $1,000 reward for information on the shooting. "The police cannot do it alone." "All the kids that are getting killed out here—it's crazy," a local adds. "When is it going to stop?" Police attribute the gun violence to "a broken system" in need of fixing. "Criminals don't feel the repercussions of the justice system," a cop tells CNN. Some 56 people were shot, 12 fatally, over the Memorial Day long weekend. Last year's July Fourth weekend saw 16 deaths among 82 victims.

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