Monday, July 20, 2015

Chattanooga: They still can't figure out the motive eh?

Fallujah baby, depleted Uranium. Do we think Muslim's have forgotten?
  “We are seeing a rate of congenital malformations in the city of Fallujah that has surpassed even that in the aftermath in the wake of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki….” Dahr Jamail

by Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

I commented on the killing of the four Marines in Chattanooga last week and I am compelled to return to it here for a brief moment. I read today the authorities, or whoever it is that is in charge of such things, are quoted by the Associated Press as being as dumbfounded as to what overcame the young Muslim assassin; Bits and pieces have emerged over the past few days about Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez's troubled life.”, the AP tells us.

Well, they seem to have decided he was “troubled.” The findings so far are that he “blended in” to “everyday life ……“ in Chattanooga as a,  “….clean-cut high school wrestler who graduated from college with an engineering degree and regularly attended  a local Mosque.”

He “blended in”, we are told because obviously he was not what we thought. He was playing a role. Plus, “….he also had a more turbulent side, as evidenced by his arrest for drunken driving after returning from Jordan….”

I think we know the game here, he’s been to Jordan, blends in, attends a Mosque-----this has Jihadist written all over it------except for the getting drunk bit. Jihadist hates our freedoms, is anti-American, we’re on the way here.

Dumbfounded they still are though:  “But two significant pieces of the puzzle are missing: Why did he ambush two military sites, killing four Marines and a sailor? And was he propelled to do so by his own demons or at the direction of someone else?”

Here’s the answer to both these so-called missing pieces of this imaginary puzzle.

(1) He killed them Because he is angry that the US war machine has been bombing Muslim countries for years and has displaced maimed and killed millions of mostly Muslim people.  And he is also angry that the US taxpayer is financing and arming the Apartheid Zionist regime as well as murderous Muslim dictators.

 (2) It doesn’t matter.

I want to share with the reader a piece that Brendan Hughes wrote about living in Northern Ireland and having to do deal with British troops day in day out.  Remember that the occupation of Ireland and the raping of it’s wealth labor and culture, began earlier than British capitalism’s venture in to Africa and India. Many of the practices it put in palace in these colonies it fist applied in Ireland. Brendan Hughes was a former Provo and died in 2008. I recommend the book, Ten Men Dead about the Irish hunger strikers, and Hughes was involved in organizing it. The book is interesting in that the IRA had to involve the families deeply in the planning. It was a disaster for the families involved and the struggle for a united Ireland, a waste of young lives.  Hughes talks here of what it was like living under occupation.

Brendan Hughes


It is easy to lift a gun. It is even easy to fire it. When you see the body
of a 17-18 year old it is not so easy.

We were young. They were young too. The British Government sent them onto the
streets of Belfast. The IRA sent us out to oppose them. I took no pleasure
seeing a young Englishman lying on the street. But I admit to taking pleasure
from taking on the might of the British Empire.

Most of the kids who died here knew nothing of why they were here. The bulk
of them came from poor working class families just like our own. I remember
one time in McDonnell Street a young British soldier had been left behind by
his foot patrol. He was only 18. I was not at the scene but soon received
word that the IRA had captured a British soldier and were holding him
captive. In those days we did not have radio communication. By the time I
arrived at McDonnell Street the 18 year old soldier was already dead. He had
been shot dead by a 17 year old IRA volunteer. I regret to this day that I
was unable to stop his death.

We had no desire to kill kids whether in uniform or not. But it was kids who
fought this war on both the British and Irish sides. I was never filled with
hatred for other human beings. I did not hate the English people. I hated
what the British Government did to my country.

Today I left my flat which is situated near the top of the high rise complex
in which I live. When I reached the ground floor I met three armed British
soldiers waiting to take over the lift. No one is allowed to use our lift
when the British soldiers change guard. But the lift was put there for the
residents not an occupying army.

It is not easy to swallow it. If you live in London or New York, could you
feel indifferent, if you were to walk out of your home to be confronted by a
number of armed foreigners who insist on telling you what you may and may not
do? I don't think so.

As I walked up the Falls and past the commemorative garden built to honour
the dead volunteers who had given their lives resisting the repression
inflicted by the British Army, I thought to myself that despite all the
promises and new arrangements, the British hadn't gone away, you know.

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