Wednesday, June 24, 2015

US corporate news media We're so lucky to have it.

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Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired.

I just tuned in to “World News Tonight” on ch 7. I am taking advantage of the ads to write this. The ads are where companies that pay for the news get to sell their wares.  I just caught the tail end of a story about two American Football players on trial for rape but the case has been thrown out because a juror lied, never told them he was a victim of sexual abuse.  The two burly guys come out of the jail with bracelets on “bibles in hand” says the newscaster. There’s to be a new trial.

 “More World News” after this, the news reporter says before the ads.  We’re back now and this World News shows me one story about a doctor who made fun of a patient and other derogatory remarks while the patient was under. Apparently the patient left a recording device on. The doc had to pay $500,000 for that.

After selling erection pills and other drugs, this one is called Tanzeum and we’re always told to talk to our doctor we’re back on the news. A doctor friend of mine once told me she got a call from a patient who had a disease she’d never hear of. The patient heard about it on TV. This is illegal in other countries.

Now we’re back and I am finding out about Whitney Houston’s daughter who is “in gods hands” apparently.  There’s one more story about whole foods but we’re heading back to the ads again as this news I am told is brought to me by Cialis which can give you quite the hard on, an erection that could last more than fours hours. I am told I must get medical help right away if that happens.

Here is the newsman again. A clip of a person at the ball game that catches a ball at a game with the ball in one hand and the baby in the other, “the bottle never left his mouth” said the newscaster.  They interviewed the parents and the staff at Wrigley Field.

Ok that’s the end of World News.

I love freedom. There’s nowhere else in the world you can hear such informative news about the world we live in. I have a friend who is going to Canada for a couple of weeks, she’ll get quite a shock finding out there is actually a different country to the north.

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