Thursday, June 25, 2015

Project For a Working People's World

Download a pdf of this flier
Some of us around this blog have come together as part of a struggle to learn lessons from our past activity in the left and workers' movement.  Those of us that started this blog were expelled from Socialist Alternative, (then Labor Militant) in the mid nineties. Both were affiliated to the Committee For a Workers' International. While we recognize the positive aspects of the CWI we have drawn the conclusion that the left has failed in building a serious left current within the working class and is in fact isolated from the working class in the main.  In this period it is important to scrutinize our history and learn from the past.

We are committed to recognizing our own mistakes and learning from them in particular rejecting and fighting openly both Sectarianism, opportunism and ultra leftism.
We call ourselves, Project for a Working People’s World.

We believe the most important issue facing us today is helping build a mass working class movement, an alliance of any groups confronting austerity and against the offensive of the 1%. Such a movement will arise regardless as workers and youth, women and specially oppressed minorities, are forced to struggle against the system and against austerity. At some point, the 12 million workers in the trade unions will also move in to struggle. This will have a huge affect on the movement as a whole. This potentially powerful force is presently held back by the pro-business pro-austerity policies of its leadership.

It will take millions of workers internationally to throw back this offensive. The 1% will, as they always have, use sexism, racism, nationalism and religious sectarianism and other divide and rule tactics to undermine this movement.

The Project for a Working People’s World, is committed to a democratic socialist future. However, we stand for this alliance to unite on the program in the flier linked to below and based on mass direct action tactics. We do not advocate that this alliance be socialist. To do so would be to divide the movement. It would be ultra left. And we are committed to fighting ultra leftism, sectarianism and opportunism that has plagued the left and working class movement. While building the alliance we also build a socialist current within that alliance. In the last analysis the demands we fight for, the program of the alliance above, cannot be achieved under capitalism.

We are orientated to the many new groupings that are moving in to struggle. There will be many activists in these who will be looking for a way to organize, that seek to draw the lessons of the past.  The PWPW is doing this. All of us will have a struggle to adapt further, which would likely include making “principled” compromises, but we are on the way. Part of moving forward in the immediate period will be the regular, hopefully weekly/bi-weekly conference calls and also hopefully regular meetings where we have the resources.

The graphic above is a jpeg image of the flier, The pdf of the flier is here: ProjectFor a Working People’s World  It gives a short explanation of who we are and our purpose, some of which I have touched on here. We recognize that while we base ourselves on certain principles, new fresh layers driven in to political action will revitalize and help those of us who have spent decades in struggle. We are in a new period.

We urge readers to download the flier and feel free to distribute it at school, workplace, union hall or on announcement boards in your local coffee shop if you frequent one.

If you agree with the general goals laid out in the flier and want to get involved with us please contact us through this blog via the e mail on the right. We are also on Facebook at: and can be contacted there. The flier also has contact information on it.

In Northern California contact Richard at:
In Chicago, Sean at: or Stephen at

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