Monday, June 15, 2015

The propaganda hasn't worked -- 59% under 30 support unions

Gawker media workers vote union
From Denis Drew

The culture is ours -- the propaganda hasn't worked.  59% of Americans under 30 years old approve of labor unions -- only 29% disapprove.  Even among Republicans under 35, approval edges out disapproval 45% to 44%. *

Just have to give labor organizing legislation that little itty-bitty working mechanism that it is currently missing: dentures.  Using painful economic pressure to block employees from adopting their own market price setting mechanism clearly needs to be a felony.  This is nothing but market fixing in every bit as pernicious a vein as the Rockefellers or Carnegies ever pulled off.  Baby teeth wont work -- and right now all the law has left is gums.

Making union busting a felony at the state level (remember it's not the loss of the job that is the offense -- it is the denial of fair market participation) opens up the potential for federal RICO prosecution.  33 states have their own RICO laws.

“But when Pew sliced and diced its responses (which Gallup did not), it found that young Americans were unions’ most fervent supporters. While 46 percent of its respondents in each of its three older age groups (30 to 49, 50 to 64, and 65-plus) viewed unions in a favorable light, fully 55 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 held a favorable view of unions, while just 29 percent held unfavorable ones. Pew even found that a slim plurality of Republicans under 35 thought well of unions: 45 percent held positive views, 44 percent negative. For that matter, 65 percent of Democrats (of all ages) thought favorably of unions, and given the towering share of Democrats (or left-of-Democrats) working in the media, new or old, the Gawker vote should have surprised no one.”

Also published at Community Labor News 

*We should emphasize, that the 29% figure is despite massive propaganda against unionization. The employers literally spend billions discouraging unionization and resort to both the carrot and the stick in their methods.  Violence and coercion comes in many forms.  FFWP.

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