Monday, May 25, 2015

Religious Governments.

Sean O'Torain.

Leon Trotsky the international revolutionary had this to say: "There is nothing as ridiculous and tragic as a religious government."  It is useful to think of this quote from Trotsky at this time. The magnificent vote for same sex marriage in Ireland has finally brought to an end the reign of religious governments which ruled Southern Ireland since its formation. This is a wonderful event, one to be celebrated. The "tragedy" of religious government after religious government in Southern Ireland is at last on the way out. This will have a positive affect in Northern Ireland and internationally.

But in some other parts of the world the opposite is taking place. The Middle East is increasingly ruled by religious governments of one kind or another. Iraq under Hussein was one of the most secular governments in the region. But after he had outlived his usefulness to US imperialism in fighting Iran he was overthrown by this same US imperialism. Since then what was Iraq has descended into warring governments and factions based on religion. A true and massive blood letting religious tragedy is unfolding. ISIS is the most horrific of these forces. It is hard to see how ISIS will not be successful in carving out a new country for itself and a new government. Another tragedy.  It is   hard to see how religious governments will not rule much of the Middle East for years ahead.

The fault of this is imperialism. The major countries such as the US, Britain, Germany etc which carved up the Arab world and the Arab people, which overthrew and stirred against each other the different countries such as Iran and Iraq and the different factions of Islam. All this was done in the interests of divide and rule and looting the region of its oil and gas and other resource wealth. The backward religious governments are horrific. The right wing religious factions in the US are horrific. The cause of these threats to the working class of the world and to life on earth as we know it is in the last analysis imperialism.

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