Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chicago Left conference this weekend.

Sean O’Torrain

I would like to suggest to the organizers of this weekend's left conference in Chicago that they change the agenda of the conference to make the first and main session on the crisis of state brutality and violence mainly against the African American and minority populations.

This is a major crisis. I would like to suggest that speakers for this session would focus on the need to unite the working class against this criminal behavior of the state apparatus. That speakers would not be selected from the African American middle class who focus on appealing for calm while ignoring (OBAMA and his elite) or playing down the savagery and violence of the state apparatus. (The African American and Latino petit bourgeois). What lies behind this state brutality is the increased drive by US capitalism to cut the living standards of all the working class, to perfect their techniques, full body armored cops with military vehicles, increased racism, increased incarceration.

And even more fundamentally what lies behind this is that US imperialism cannot afford to keep its international military and imperialist system with its 200 bases abroad and at the same time keep the US working class at the level of living standards to which it has become accustomed. If this conference takes place without a major agenda item on the drive of the capitalist state to crush the youth and the minority populations in the cities of the country and cut the living standards of the working class as a whole and to do this by dividing the working class it will have seriously damaged the credibility of its organizers and wasted an opportunity to act. Let us have a major part of the agenda on working class unity against racism and police brutality.  

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