Friday, March 6, 2015

The juror in the Ferguson case should come out in to the open.

Sure Darren, you murdered someone.
by Richard Mellor
Afscme Local 444, retired

The unnamed juror that has filed a lawsuit against the Missouri prosecutor Robert McCulloch who determined that Darren Wilson, the cop that murdered Michael Brown should not be found innocent will not let the matter drop.

Lawyers for the juror who was on the Grand Jury that exonerated Wilson, filed a statement today arguing why U.S. District Judge Rodney Sippel shouldn’t dismiss their lawsuit against McCulloch. The juror "alleges McCulloch publicly misrepresented that 'all grand jurors believed that there was no support for any charges,'" according to Yahoo news. It is obvious now that this was not the case.

Grand jurors  are bound by an oath of secrecy to keep  their collective deliberations private and votes private. According to Missouri law, it’s a misdemeanor for a grand juror to disclose evidence or information about witnesses who appear before them.

What this juror should do is face the misdemeanor accusation and come out in to the open.  The media demonized Michael Brown and after the Grand Jury found Darren Wilson, the cop that shot him, innocent of any wrongdoing, George Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton administration flunkie and representative of the folks that run this country, decided it was safe to interview Wilson. They love to do such things after their official organs have given the go ahead.

The whole set up where the juror, under threat of prosecution cannot talk to the public as the prosecutor shares his views is flawed. “McCulloch speaks freely and purportedly openly about the very content about which Doe wishes to speak, just from a different viewpoint,” Doe’s lawyers write. “McCulloch has maintained exclusive control of the content and viewpoint disclosed to the public.” the attorneys for the juror said today.

Well, this is nothing new. As I pointed out in a recent piece about the contract talks between the dock bosses and the ILWU, the union hierarchy agreed to a gag order as the bosses functionaries in the newsrooms of national TV made the employers argument for them. This is a clever trick portraying the newscaster as being independent objective reporters when they clearly have a class bias, they represent the views and ideology of the 1%. Check out the cartoon that was in my local paper about the dockworkers here. Believe me, ISIS or al Qaeda don't come close when it comes to committing violence against American workers or portraying us as lazy piece of shit.

If you haven't already viewed it, readers should watch the interview George Stephanopoulos did with  Darren Wilson here. I stand by what I wrote accompanying this interview. It is a disgraceful whitewash of the events. It is as if Stephanopoulos was Wilson's attorney. He feels safe, the grand Jury has spoken so he brings to the American public this sanitzed version of what happened and an American hero who assassinated a black American working class man.

This juror should come out in to the open .What's a misdemeanor?  You would have so much support as you are on the right side of history.  Don't put any faith in the courts, come out to the American public, the working class of America, black America and any working class allies who will listen.

You are on the right side of history.

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