Friday, March 6, 2015

Harrison Ford. US. Censorship.

Oh no! What a global tragedy
By Sean O'Torrain.

You have to think about it to realize what is going on. There are millions of people starving to death in the world. There are millions dying of preventable diseases. There are millions dying in wars and cuts in their living standards. There is climate change which unless it is halted will destroy life on earth was we know it. But in spite of all this what was the main item in all the main news channels here in the US yesterday? It was about the bummed out actor Harrison Ford crashing his bummed out plane on a golf course for the super rich. As I say Jesus Christ, or  more to the point Jesus H. Christ.

Those of us that produce this blog have always said that the US mass media is one of the most censored in the world. This is a classical example. Censorship means also selection. What is shown and what is not shown. And it is not only the right wing media such as Fox News. It is also MSNBC and the smug liberals that runs stations such as this.

They are all the same in this sense. They refuse to identify the main feature of the world today. This is the offensive of capitalism against the working class. They also refuse to identify the working class as the force that can change things. They also and most determinedly refuse to identify the period of history in which we live. Slavery, Feudalism, Capitalism, these were the historical periods that followed one after the other. They did so over a period of many many centuries. They all had a beginning a middle and an end. Capitalism is at its end. The only question is how will it end. Will it end in the destruction of life on earth as we know it, in a holocaust of climate change, pollution, war, mass starvation and unimaginable horror for the human species and all species. Or will it end by the working class taking power and creating a new historical epoch, international world socialism. This would be where the resources of the earth would be taken out of the hands of the corporate and war criminals who now own them and put into the collective ownership of the working people of the world. And from this through democratic discussion, decision making, a world plan of production, distribution and exchange would be created.

Every person in the world given the new technology could be involved in drawing up this plan, in assessing what resources were available and what could be sustainably produced and from this how the demands of all of us could be satisfied. An international democratic plan would utilize the resources of the world and make the necessities of the world available to all, and make it possible for us all to work less and live better.

You won't see this discussed on the censored mass capitalist media in the US. The morons at Fox News, the pretend objective presenters and editors at all the other mass media outlets, the Maddocks, the O'Donnells, the rest of them should have a bit of shame resign from their jobs pushing the capitalist propaganda and stop helping the capitalist censorship. They should refuse to put plane crashes of bummed out actors on first place on the news. And he was not even a great actor like a Brando who changed the world of acting. All he did was run fast, screw up his face and try to look fierce. As I say jesus H. Christ.

And what can we do ourselves? We can think about how we watch the censored watch mass media. Learn how to watch it. Think about who and to what purpose the items you watch are put on there for you to watch and think also about the items that are not put on there so you cannot watch them.

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