Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Israel's Apartheid Regime No Safe Haven for Jews

I don't generally watch 60 minutes so I missed this piece so if I did perhaps others did too, it's a couple of years old. The Zionist Apartheid regime receives billions of dollars of US taxpayer money. It cannot exist without US backing. If you listen to the Israeli ambassador in this interview he has quite the US accent. That is because he's an American Zionist. He was born in the Bronx and emigrated to Israel when he was 24. He could go to Israel like any Jewish person no matter what their nationality and enjoy rights that Palestinians, in particular Muslims, who have lived there for centuries are denied.

The religious justification for this, expressed with rabid violence by the settler community composed of various nationalities, is that god gave them the land.   The reason US imperialism supports them is that it is a proxy regime, dependent on US money and arms and useful to US corporate interests in the area. The Arab masses are potentially too powerful and militant and their regimes unstable, it's not that the Gentile US capitalist class has any love for their American Jewish colleagues, they are, after all, competitors in the plunder business.  It is the unconditional support the US gives this racist regime that is a major factor in the growth of Islamic terrorist groups and the turmoil in the region. The first British governor of Jerusalem once described the formation of a "Jewish" state as "Our loyal little Ulster in the Middle East".

The support of rich US Jews for this regime is another source of animosity towards Jews in general. What will make Jews outside of Israel safer is to condemn this regime and its racist, brutal treatment of Palestinians and theft of their land as many liberal and left wing Jews do. Anti-Zionism is not the same as the traditional European anti-Semitism.  Naturally, hatred of Jews as Jews can be part of it as the anger against Israel crosses these lines, but they have different roots. 

I was recently reading some piece about Steven Spielberg's love of children and how he resigned from the national advisory board of the Boy Scouts of America due to its anti-gay policies and 
pulled out of his role as adviser to the 2008 Olympics in China due to China's inaction over the Darfur situation. Israel's prisons are full of Palestinian children, I don't see many movies coming from this director about that situation. Speilberg donated $1 million to the Zionists after their excursion in to Lebanon in 2oo6.  This war cost Israel some casualties, a rare occasion as Israel is one of the most powerful and technologically advanced military forces in the world. 

As you see in the clip above, the Anti-Semitism card is played whenever Israel's brutality is criticized.  Israel cannot guarantee safety for Jews against hatred and Anti-Semitism.  Zionism thrives on it, needs it.  The support of the right wing US Congress, many of them Christian Zionists is purely religious based and when the Christian Messiah comes back, those Jews that don't convert to Christianity will be doomed.  

Jews have always lived in this area and have every right to live there in peace as do all residents no matter what religion  or nationality, the settlers are another matter.  The Sephardic Jews themselves are discriminated by the European Jews who dominate. But Putting one's future as a people in the hands of the US capitalist class is not a wise move.

However, Zionism or Jewish extremism which is what it is, can offer no way out or safety for the people of the Jewish religion and tradition.  Like many of the crises throughout the world, there is no solution on the basis of capitalism. We live in a capitalist world, but it is capitalism in decay, in its downward spiral. There is a genuine possibility that the future holds a scenario where huge swathes of the globe will be destroyed by warfare if not environmental catastrophe at the cost of millions of lives.  It is not unlikely that it is around this conflict and in this area it could erupt, especially if the Zionists bomb Iran regardless of what the Pentagon wants.  I believe that it is only the existence of nuclear weapons that is averting this scenario at the present.  The North Koreans are not stupid enough to hand theirs over.

I have confidence that the working class will rise to the occasion. But that nothing is guaranteed and our children might find themselves rebuilding a world full of rubble. 

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