Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paris journalists murdered.

Sean O'Torrain. 
More information will come in and and things will become more clear. But it looks at this time that the murdered journalists in Paris have been killed by right wing jihadists. This has to be condemned. This act will weaken the working class movement. It will strengthen the French state and other capitalist states in their ability to get more support to step up repression. Socialists have to unconditionally condemn this act but do so in a way which takes into account the full reality and causes of the atrocity. 

Imperialism, that is the big corporations in the advanced capitalist countries and their stooges in the world as a whole loot the wealth of the less developed countries and the working masses. This creates great anger and this can take all kinds of forms. One is Jihadism and extreme right wing religious ideas. The root cause of the mad acts of individualism and murder such as that which has taken place in Paris is the looting of the world by imperialism and the lack of a mass revolutionary alternative.  

The union and labor leaders are responsible for the lack of a mass revolutionary alternative. The left groupings are responsible also. While unconditionally condemning the murders in Paris, while unconditionally standing against the backlash that the ruling classes will whip up to increase repression against the working class, working class activists and revolutionary socialists must get over their sectarianism and ultra leftism and build mass international movements which can pave a way for the working class and poor to fight the imperialist offensive and build a new international socialist world.

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