Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola Crisis: More from Texas Nurses

Read RN Brianna Aguirre’s story about Texas Hospital’s handling of Ebola case

Sign the Petition to President Obama

Nurses call for President Obama to protect healthcare workers

Two U.S. RNs are now infected with Ebola. A brave nurse speaks out about what happened when Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan arrived at Texas Presbyterian Hospital outside of Dallas. Read her story here.

RNs are on the march to protect healthcare workers and patients, to tell the healthcare industry: not one more nurse. In West Africa, Ebola is known as the “nurse-killer disease.” We cannot standby and let hospitals and their PR spokespersons pretend everything is OK.

“We’ve been lied to in terms of preparation in the hospitals,” NNU Executive Director RoseAnn  DeMoro told 11,5000 nurses on a conference call this week. “We’ve been essentially ignored by the White House and CDC and they are giving the hospitals far too much credit in assuming they would actually be taking their advice.”

No more.

Will you stand with nurses and tell President Obama: not one more nurse?

This isn’t about finger-pointing, it’s about saving lives. And the best way to prevent panic is preparedness. Yet, the healthcare industry puts their profits ahead of optimal standards for infectious disease prevention and RN and healthcare worker protection.

The only way to adequately confront the Ebola crisis is for President Obama to invoke his executive authority. Sign the nurses’ petition to President Obama here.

Please join National Nurses United – the largest union and professional organization of RNs with 185,000 members -- in asking President Obama to mandate uniform, national standards and protocols that all hospitals must follow to safely protect patients, all healthcare workers, and the public.

Not one more patient, nurse, or healthcare worker should be put at risk due to a lack of health care facility preparedness. The United States should be setting the example on how to contain and eradicate the Ebola virus. Nothing short of your mandate, that optimal safety standards apply, will be acceptable to the nurses of this nation.

Thank you!

National Nurses United
Council of Presidents
Deborah Burger, RN, Jean Ross, RN, and Karen Higgins, RN

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