Wednesday, May 28, 2014

US capitalism in decline is a dangerous animal.

by Richard Mellor

If we wonder why our services are being cut,  or why our streets and social infrastructure are falling apart we might consider that sending troops all over the world and supporting every element that might lead to opportunities for US corporations to expand their business interests might cost money.  The Obama administration is now about to train Syrian opposition forces as a  counterterrorism challenge.  The War on Terror! What a great deal for the defense industry because there is no such adversary or nation as "terrorism".  Terrorism is a tactic and any form of resistance can be labelled such. The War on Terror is a term for war without end. The US has troops in Northern Nigeria as well.  Then there are those in Poland.  There are the almost 300 bases around the world.  All this has to be paid for.

There is an increased presence in the Black Sea as US warships are sent there. That's not provocative is it?  Help matter does it? Of course not, it's not supposed to. Wait and see what happens when a Chinese or Russian nuclear sub floats around in the Baja.

Obama the anti-war president. Wait, isn't the white man making him do it?  Of course, it's not a political question at all. He's not the leading figure of a social class is he? He represents us all and is fighting for the workers rights against the tide. If only they'd let him do what he wants.

US capitalism in decline is a dangerous animal and it is the leading force pushing the world in to increased conflict. I recall the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya that took place when I was a child. It was perhaps the last gasp of a dying British colonial power.  But despite being at the end of its colonial rule and most of the British ruling class knowing their days at the top of the pecking order were numbered, British imperialism waged a most violent war against the Kenyan's struggle to oust them and have some control over their own destiny. Some murderous bastards these people are.

We hear of the backwardness and brutality of slavery and feudalism but capitalism is unsurpassed in its brutality and the US bourgeois the most ruthless of all.  As I sit in this motel in a small rural community in Utah I realize how detached a huge section of the US population is, they link life will go on like this forever. 

They're in for a rude awakening.

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