Saturday, May 31, 2014

Farzina Parveen, Pakistani woman murdered by relatives.

Farzana Parveen
Another victim in the war on women.

By Sean O'Torrain

Farzina  Parveen, a 25 year old pregnant woman has been stoned to death in Lahore, Pakistan by her relatives. Her "crime" -  having married the man she wanted to. Then we find out that this man himself had earlier murdered his first wife to be with Ms. Parveen. He had been able to get his release from his sentence for strangling his first wife by using what is known under Islamic law as "diyat". This allows the family of the victim to forgive the murderer or to accept payment for the murder of their family member and in this way the murderer gets off. This is horrific. It is part of the war against women that is taking place worldwide. "Diyat" has similarities to so-called "canon law" in the Catholic church where that church claims that "canon law" which it makes up itself, allows it to makes its own decisions about its own full-time organizers (priest,bishops, cardinals,popes etc) and keep them out of the hands of the legal system.

Is not only the backward tribal and religious elements of Islam which use "diyat."When it suits it the US government uses it also. In 2011 the US government used it to obtain the release of Raymond Davis, a CIA mercenary and killer who had shot two Pakistanis. To set the "diyat" process in motion in this case and set the CIA killer free, $2.34 million was paid in compensation and Davis was flown out of Pakistan in hours. The US government also paid $100,000 to the family of a third man who was killed y CIA officials who ran him down with their jeep as they rushed to Davis' aid. The US government bails out its paid killers. It is prepared to use the most backward of anti-woman laws to protect its mercenaries. This includes "diyat,"which was used to justify the stoning to death of Ms Parveen.

The US government sends its troops abroad to fight for the interest of the US corporations. The people who make these decisions are the Bushes, the Obamas, the Cheyney's, the owners and directors of the major US corporations. These people are war criminals. In order to keep the armed forces they send abroad intact, they have to protect them from repercussions for their actions as much as possible. As we see in this case they are even prepared to go as far as using "diyat" which allows for the murdering of women to achieve this end.

India's Women in Pink, self defense forces
I am writing this post in the USA. This issues has to be raised here and internationally. There are hundreds of thousands of Pakistani and Indian businesses and religious institutions in this country. This issue must be taken up with these businesses. Their places of business can be picketed. US corporations and the US government must get the same treatment. A fight has to be taken up against the mass rapes and murders of women. The example of the Women in Pink in India should be followed. They have organized themselves with clubs and defend themselves against rapists and murderers. They are up to 100,000 strong. Take action in our own areas and contact all the women's groups around the world such as the Women in Pink to let them see they are not alone.

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