Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ukraine: events heating up not cooling down.

by Sean O' Torrain

It is very difficult to see with any certainty what is going on the the Ukraine on a day to day basis. But the situation is becoming more dangerous.

US led imperialism sparked off this crisis by its push to bring the country closer to the west. Russian imperialism led by Putin added to this crisis by its push to maintain its influence in the country. Revolutionary socialists can have no part in supporting either of these forces. It is necessary to state this as many of the readers of this blog live in the west and are faced daily with the non stop propaganda and lies of US imperialism and its stooges. The Wall Street Journal, worried that the situation might get out of hand altogether ran an article in its May 3rd edition. The author was Hans-Werned Sinn the President of the IFO Institute for Economic Research in Germany - a German capitalist think tank. He stated: "It must be borne in mind that the present crisis was triggered by the West. The overtures made by NATO to Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine effectively threatened to encircle Russia's Black Sea Fleet in the only ice-free port at its disposal."

In the last few days the situation has heated up in the Ukraine. The US dominated government in Kiev (remember Brennan the head of the CIA recently made an open public visit to this government)  has sent in its military against the local Russian speaking militias and groups which have seized buildings and taken over towns in the East. The number of deaths are mounting. It cannot be said for definite but it looks like the US backed Kiev government is moving to increase its military push in the East. It calls it an anti terrorist push. If it does so this will most likely lead to a serious increase in fighting as the Russian speaking militias and groups and peoples in the East will not lie down. It is possible that this will not happen as there is no great enthusiasm amongst the troops of the Kiev government for their attack on the Russian speaking forces in the East and these forces are not only fighting but also appealing to the Kiev forces not to shoot them. This is having an effect. They will also have increased support from Russian imperialism even to the possible extent of the invasion of Russian troops. The situation is very dangerous. A civil war could develop and spread and destabilize many other countries. There are many other Russian minorities in many other countries in the region.

The authors of this blog maintain the position we have put consistently. There are many workers groups and trade union groups in Ukraine East and West. It is with these a future can be built which will give all workers and minorities in the Ukraine their rights. These through be drawn together in a network of workers groups and councils, should take over the obscene wealth of the oligarchs who stole it off the state in the first place, use this wealth to increase the living standards of all and establish a democratic socialist Ukraine and from this reach out their hand to workers all over the region, throughout Russia and all the countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

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