Friday, December 13, 2013

Mandela in a couple of sentences.

Stalinism collapsed. The Wall Street Journal gloated "We Won". But capitalism had a problem. The huge African continent and the militant and massive South African working class and the program of its party the ANC to nationalize the wealth of the country. Mandela stepped in and put his authority to making the deal that stripped the South African working class of this program and committed it instead to allowing the white capitalist class to keep this wealth.

There are three results. One is that the South African working class are sinking deeper and deeper into mass poverty. Two is that South African society is in a state of catastrophe of violence and inequality.  Three is that the white South African capitalist class have held on to the wealth. It was Mandela's role in stepping in and out bailing out capitalism in South Africa that resulted in every capitalist politician and capitalist mass murderer and capitalist con person in the world who could afford the fare attending his funeral.

And then there was the sign language issue. A few things about that. One they are tapping just about every phone and Internet in the world yet this guy, apparently once charged for murder, and with hallucinations, gets up on the stage with the worlds capitalist leaders!!! So much for all this tapping leading to good security. All this tapping is to control the working people.


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