Saturday, September 14, 2013

Charlie Rose interview's Syria's Assad

We must not lose sight of the fact that Assad, like Obama, is an enemy of working class people, but Rose is no friend of ours either as the comments below point out.


Here is the full interview US “news” caster Charlie Rose did with President Assad. Exercise extreme care in watching it, because you may intend to only watch a few minutes but the more you watch, the more difficult you will find it to tear yourself away. Several things are clear: Rose is simply a representative of the US State Department posing as a newscaster. He repeats time and again the accusations of Obama & Co., dressed up as questions or as “some people say.” For instance, he questions Assad time and again about the evidence Obama claims to have that the Assad regime used chemical weapons “against his own people.”

Rose’s problem is that he has been stupefied by the lap dog role he and his kind have been playing for years now. They simply blindly repeat whatever the US regime claims without questioning them in the slightest. As a result, he is totally unprepared to deal with Assad, who keeps answering Rose by saying that at least in the case of Colin Powell and the evidence of weapons of mass destruction, Powell presented some evidence. The evidence turned out to be a lie, Assad points out, but at least he presented something in public. In Obama’s case, he hasn’t presented anything; he has only claimed he has evidence. “You are a reporter. Why don’t you go to your president and ask him for the evidence so you can present it to the American people?” Assad asks Rose.

Rose scurries away from that question and on to another subject. In fact, this happens time and again. Rose repeatedly implies to Assad that the only reason he’s still in power is the support he’s getting from Iran and Russia. Assad simply says that his government has agreements with those countries just the same as the United States has with other countries, but that any “support, if you want to call it that” he says, cannot keep a government in power. He gives the example of Mubarak in Egypt. Mubarak had the support from the most powerful countries in the world and that couldn’t keep him in power. Rose scurries on to the next issue. And so it went. Of course, Assad is the enemy of working class people in Syria and elsewhere. But so is Obama and the reactionaries that he is supporting within Syria. Rose’s problem – and the problem of the US media – is that they pretend to be objective newscasters while, in fact, they are simply the agents of one wing of the global capitalist class. Would that any of these types would subject the US president to the same type of grilling.

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