Thursday, September 12, 2013

Capitalism destroys nature. Environmental catastrophe is its legacy

They say that the ocean is the biggest garbage dump in the world. That it is, is a catastrophe.  We believe that the global capitalist system, if left in place, will destroy life on this planet as we know it which means the environmental crisis is perhaps the most pressing issue we face today as our entire existence is threatened by it.  The video below is from Science Friday and reminds of the superiority of science and the natural world over mysticism.  It's as much a political question to learn from what we see here and protect it as it is for us to fight for wages and working conditions, even more so.  As the rapacious quest for profit threatens the creatures of the natural world and the natural world itself, we must remember that we are animals too. Although we have many differences, an important one is that we can consciously prevent the destruction of life and an end to the beauty we see here. The most conscious act we can perform is to end capitalism and replace it with a world federation of democratic socialist states.

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