Wednesday, August 14, 2013

AC Transit drivers to vote on contract

AC Transit drivers at a Board Meeting last month
Workers at Alameda County Transit will be voting on a contract this Saturday.  AC Transit drivers are members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 192.  This is a flier some members of ATU are distributing to their co-workers.  Facts For Working People hopes our readers will share this flier with any bus drivers they know or if you are an AC Transit driver yourself please share it with your co-workers.  FFWP
         Solidarity Yes Concessions NO!!

Bay Area Transit workers united have power. The July BART strike alone cost $73 million/day in lost productivity to big business - not counting losses to restaurants and stores. A joint AC-BART strike could have doubled their losses. By refusing to unite with BART workers on July 1st, ATU 192 leaders gave up their leverage to make the bankers and corporations pay and reverse the massive cuts of 2010.   By going it alone all these years and constantly making concessions, WE ARE NOW $5.00 PER HOUR UNDER THE BAY AREA AVERAGE. $28.20, after 3 years, doesn’t even bring us up to what SAMTRANS makes now! This proposal continues the trend.

Wage increases are not retroactive to July 1st. Since they start in October, the 3.5% increase in 2015 is only effective for 9 months – not 12.
First year wages increase by 2.75% or 71¢/hr for Top-scale bus drivers to $26.39hr
First year medical premium of $70/mo = 1.10% in “pre-tax $” (assuming a 28% tax bracket) @40hrs/wk -- Net Gain = 1.65% or 42¢

Second year wages increase 3.25% or 86¢ to $27.25
Second year medical = $140/mo = 2.13% pre-tax.  Net Gain = 1.12% or 31¢

Third year wages increase 3.50% or 95¢ to $28.20
Third year medical = $180/mo = 2.65% pre-tax. Net Gain = 1.10% or 31¢
Total gain over 3 years = 3.87% or $1.04. Compared to 7.5% COLA=3.88% loss.

Cost of living Loss from 2010-2013 wage freeze = 7.1%. Average Loss for 6,5,3= 5%  We need 12.1% clear just to catch up to 2010. In addition, Projected COLA 2013 to 2016 = 7.5%


ATU 192 leaders save AC bosses $Millions in exploitation of new hires with 6 months more of lower wages for the same work performed. This is collaboration, pure and simple. It is also divisive of the membership. In addition, fixed medical payments hurt lower paid workers more.
For workers now earning @$18.00/hr (beginning drivers and service employees) the wage increase of 2.75% = 50¢ - $70/mo medical = 1.57% pre-tax = 29¢ with a net of 1.18% or 21¢.
Second year wage of 3.25% = 61¢ - $140 medical = 3.04% pre-tax or 56¢. Net gains .21% or 5¢
Third year wage of 3.5% = 68¢ - $180 medical or 3.78% pre-tax or 75¢ =28% loss or -7¢!
Total 3 year gain: 1.11% or 19 cents!

AC saves $Millions more again as the Veteran’s Day Holiday, guaranteed tripper pay, and the straight-time spread time pay from 12:15 to 13 hours was not recovered from the 2010 arbitration.. They reduced the number of absences leading to termination from 10/year to 9 and the number for 5-day suspensions from 9 to 8. They also denied AC couples double health coverage just 3 years after reducing opt-out payments by two-thirds.
ATU 192 saved the district approximately $1 Million by eliminating the traditional sign-up.

AC Transit is also the only major Bay Area Transit district that does not provide medical coverage for spouses of retirees. MUNI pays 50% premiums while PERS is the same as active employees. Transit Workers’ Solidarity is the answer to the transit bosses’ cutback plans.
                                    BUILD BAY AREA TRANSIT UNITY!!!
Bay Area Transit Unity Committee – AC: 510-325-1268; Muni: 510-207-0222

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