Saturday, July 13, 2013

US military spends hundreds of millions building never to be used buildings.

In one province of Afghanistan a new 64,000 square foot military base sits empty. It has tiered fancy chairs, spacious offices, powerful air conditioning and a theatre. It cost $34 million to build. In  a different province $45 million has been spent to build another military facility. Also never to be used. In yet another province another facility also to be unused has been built at the cost of $80 million. And this is only the tip of the ice berg when the total costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are looked at.  The military industrial complex and the US war machine have their snouts in the trough or to be more accurate are robbing the US tax payers. .

Think about what this money could be used for. It could be used to build, homes, hospitals, schools, roads etc. in Afghanistan. This would be far more effective in providing "security" for the US population. This spending could also be used to build homes, hospitals, hire more health care workers and teachers and rebuild the infrastructure here in the US.

I attend a public hospital for my various illnesses. There is a very serious shortage of facilities and workers there. The money that is being squandered in these empty bases could be spent there. Hagel the secretary of defense says that it is difficult to stop a military spending project once it gets started. There is truth in this but the issue is why is there truth in this? It is because the politicians who runs Washington, that is the Republicans and Democrats, are in the pockets of the military industrial complex and Wall Street.

Producing weaponry is, when you think about it, the producing of scrap metal. Weapons are either blown up in battle, or in so called war games or become obsolete and are replaced by newer weapons. This is a complete waste of raw materials and skilled labor. Not only that it creates inflation. It adds to goods entering the market which do not add value to society yet money is spent buying these goods . It is inflationary.

The trillions of dollars spent on military spending, that is the production of scrap metal and empty buildings should be redirected to satisfying the needs of the working people of the world.


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