Saturday, July 13, 2013

Travyon Martin murderer walks away scot free

George Zimmerman
The authors that write for this blog share this short statement in response to the Zimmerman verdict. We will write more as things develop over the next few days.


So the racist murderer Zimmerman walks free. The producers of this blog are enraged.  Think about who this racist murderer really is. In the past he was accused of domestic violence against a former girl friend. A younger female cousin accused him in the past of molestation and assault. This same younger cousin also said that Zimmerman's family was proudly racist against Black people. He was also arrested for assaulting a cop. This horrible creature murdered a young man because this young man was black and he could get away with it and he did. He is from a privileged background, his father being a retired judge.  Are we supposed to think this means nothing in America?

But it’s not only Zimmerman and his family who were and are racist.  So are the prosecutors who dragged in every racial stereotype they could and the judge who determines what can or cannot be allowed in to the case and directs the affair. The Jury was also racist. Nobody could have listened to this case, where a young man who was doing nothing wrong was murdered walking home from the store, and not seen it was murder unless they were racist.  This cannot be seen in isolation as young black men are murdered with impunity by the police in US society.  And of course the US capitalist system and its so-called justice system is racist and biased. No one actually believes that we are all treated equally under the law. Young black men can be shot at will in our society and they fill the prisons in droves.

The reason Trayvon Martin was murdered and his murderer got off was because Trayvon Martin was a young black male.

Some of us who write for this blog have black male grandchildren.  People sometimes do not understand why the parent or relative of a black male might be concerned when our young ones are out in the world. But it is completely normal for black folks to feel this way given the murder of their children by the police and racists and a justice system that allows it.

A white mother of five who reads this blog told us that she would be terrified to have a young black male child. She says she does not know how Black mothers have the strength to put up with the murdering and jailing of their children, especially their male children.  We agree but it is time for action.

There are numerous protests and gatherings throughout the country tomorrow in response to this racist verdict and there will no doubt be more.. They are all over Facebook and social, networking sites. If you work with black folks, if you drink with them, if you are their neighbors and even if you aren’t it is your obligation, the obligation of all people to get off their asses and come out for our brothers and sisters in the black communities across this nation as this situation develops.

Anyone that can’t come out in to the streets and to actions and protests in support of our black brothers, sisters and comrades to protest yet another racist verdict and the freeing of a privileged thug and racist killer of black youth we don’t want to hear you whining about property destruction and rioting should this occur given the anger at this travesty. Do not let the black communities stand alone.

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