Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Baby: Britain's leading terrorist family adds another member.

A long life of thievery and plunder
by Sean O'Torrain

The Windsor family which make up the outfit which sits at the head of British capitalism is a family of international terrorists, war criminals and thieves. They are now celebrating that they have got a new heir. And a male heir at that. Sexism is far from dead as we can see with the gushing over this male child.

It is not only British imperialism that is relieved with the birth. Capitalism worldwide is relieved. In spite of the collapse of Stalinism which gave it a big boost, in spite of the refusal of the workers leaders to fight, Imperialism has been a little shaky of late. The economic bust in 2008 undermined confidence in its system. The never before experienced mass movements world wide have further weakened it. There has been increasing division between the major powers. The massive spying on each other has not helped. The rise of China and the increasing aggressive stance of Japan have been no help either. The Catholic church one of the major institutions of world capitalism has been having its troubles too.

What better way to divert attention than to celebrate the birth of a child. British imperialism will keep a close eye on this one after what happened with Diana who refused to go along with their dictates. She most probably paid for this with her life. I would like to raise on this blog what socialists and especially socialists in Britain say in the present situation. Sarcastic and or agitational remarks are not adequate. What is the program and the demands to end the rule of these bunch of international terrorists, war criminals and thieves.

We can calculate their wealth. We can show how far this would go to rebuild the health service and schools etc. This would be easy.

The supporters of the monarchy say it brings in tourists and makes money. Well they still can do this and even better. The tourists can be taken round the castles and palaces and told where the money came from to build each one, from the plundering of Canada, India, Asia, Africa, Ireland, etc. The tourists can be attracted by coming to see the idiot Charles working at a real job, perhaps in the gardens of one of these palaces. This would be a real draw.  The rest of the lot also working at real jobs, jobs that are commensurate with their skills would bring the tourists flocking in. It should not hard to get jobs which would fall in that category.

End the plundering of the parasites. I would be interested in hearing what the demands and program of socialists in Britain are to this end.

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