Sunday, April 21, 2013

House to house searches in Watertown MA

A lot of people have seen this already but  I feel the need to stress one point  Get used to this. The lock down of Boston was not about terrorism.   It was a practice run.  A testing of the beefed up security and police forces that the state has been doing under the guise of protecting us against terrorists.  Think about it.  Why would you shut down a city of 1 million in order to protect us from a 19 year old bomber?

This was a test run. Testing their newly strengthened police and military foces in the aftermath of the Occupy Movement and for the conflicts to come as the US capitalist class puts US workers on rations. It has been suggested that there will be 20,000 drones in the skies over America in the next ten years.  These are not to protect you against the landlord, against boss, against the police.  These are to be used to protect the landlord, the boss, the police.

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