Saturday, March 2, 2013

US prisons: Torture chambers

There is no way this is not inhumane. Firstly, the US has more people in prison than any other country. More than half of these are people of color. They call the US prison industrial complex a correctional facility, it is not. It is simply the warehousing of human beings. There is no doubt that there are some people that need to be removed from society. Some may be able to return, some not. Either way, these are human beings and what purpose does it serve to deny a person a view of the stars or the moon. There is no attempt to help people.

To lock a person in solitary confinement for 15, 20, 30 years for 22 hours a day is criminal. Watch this man walk around a concrete block. The vast majority of people in prisons would not be there were society to offer more of a future. So many that get out end up coming back. Without a guaranteed job at a $15 an hour minimum at least and a means of helping them integrate back in to society, a whole network of support, they will find the milieu that they can exist in and eventually return. The justice system is racist, and the prisons are full of working class people that capitalism and the market casts aside. We have written somewhat about this system but there is ample information out there about places like Pelican Bay. They talk of Guantanamo, but all US high security prisons are torture chambers. The US prison system is a product of savagery. How come Wolfowitz, Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney aren't in it? The bankers aren't in it either. This short clip disgusts me. Individually it is hard to do anything and that can make one feel so powerless and as I watched this guy I wanted to do something to help. I'm not saying he is a Saint and he admits to that, but human beings can change, and the prison and justice system does nothing but incarcerate. It's rotten to the core.

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