Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pope, Catholic Church and Capitalism

This blog has always argued as Richard did yesterday that organized religion is political. The Catholic Church was originally the church of feudalism. Then as capitalism overthrew feudalism and became dominant this church adapted and became the church of capitalism. It uses it huge apparatus of full time organizers (priests, bishops, nuns, cardinals, popes, and its property and wealth) to support and make propaganda for capitalism. In the 1970's it helped capitalism prop up the murderous dictatorships in Latin America which slaughtered the people who were struggling for a better life. Tens of thousands were murdered, thrown out of helicopters into the ocean while still alive, tortured and their children taken from them, all with the blessing of the Catholic church.

At this time there developed in the church the liberation theology group. This was a group of organizers which tried to push the church to helping the masses and siding with the poor against the rich. This wing was crushed by the previous pope with the support of the pope who has just resigned. By the way this pope who has a just resigned was a member of the Hitler youth. His supporters try to justify this by saying he had no choice. This is a lie. Hundreds of thousands of Germans fought the Nazis but he put his own career and his own organization first and made a deal. Anyway about the Catholic church and fascism the Vatican state only exists because the Catholic church made a deal with the fascist Mussolini and in return got its own state. By your friends you shall know them.

As the 1980's unfolded Stalinism was beginning to collapse and the Catholic church, now rid of its liberation theology wing, moved to help capitalism make sure that Stalinism was not replaced by democratic socialism but by capitalism. Thus we have the gangster capitalism in Russia and the former Soviet Union countries. The gangster capitalism and the collapse of living standards in these countries is the responsibility of capitalism and its ally the Catholic church.

If there is any doubt on this let us look at what the US ambassador to Rome said after the second world war.  He said: "There are only two forces that can stop and beat Bolshevism, (he was talking about Stalinism) the economic power of the US and the spiritual and moral strength of the Catholic church." This statement and the fact that the resignation of this pope was on the front pages of all the most important papers of capitalism shows how important this organization is to capitalism.

Anybody who is opposed to capitalism should not be in this organization. If they do not have the moral  strength to leave it they should fight within it to change its policies and internal undemocratic structure and its anti women stance. But they should be warned this is a murderous regime which has proven that it will kill its opponents and cooperate with others who will kill anti capitalism movements and people.


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