Tuesday, December 4, 2012

US/Zionist aggression the destabilizing factor in the Middle East

Whose threatening whom?
The arrogance of the Zionists as the Apartheid state announces it will build 3000 more settler homes in the West Bank and Jerusalem as punishment for the Palestinians winning "non member state" status at the UN.

The Palestinians have lodged a formal complaint with the UN stating that the Zionists have acted  "in a rogue, hostile and arrogant manner, contravening all principles and rules of international law and reacting with contempt to the will of the international community."
This comes as no surprise as Israel makes no bones about violating international law. "A clear message must be sent to Israel that all of its illegal policies must be ceased or that it will be held accountable and will have to bear the consequences if its violations and obstruction of peace efforts," the Palestinian communication states.  Unfortunately Israel has become accustomed to not having a need to be accountable to anyone.  It is the most heavily armed state in the region as no other nation has them, with hundreds of nuclear weapons in its arsenal and enjoys the protection of US capitalism. 

As the US threatens war against Iran if it doesn't drop its nuclear program, surrounds the country with bases and has a flotilla of warships in the gulf, and now warns Syria against using chemical weapons or face the threat of military action, it welcomes with open arms the butcher Netenyahu after the Zionists orchestrate a massacre in  Gaza using white phosporous on civilians.  I wonder what the Arab and Muslim workers of the region and the world think about that? It doesn't go unnoticed except by millions of Americans, many of whom have not yet drawn the conclusion that the roots of terrorism are deep in US foreign policy.
The argument that Iran is the destabilizing factor in the Middle east is laughable were it not so tragic.  Three U.S. Nimitz class carrier groups in the "Persian" (yes "Persian") Gulf each  has more aircraft than the entire complement of the Iranian air force. The US regularly spies on the country using unmanned drones and refuses to acknowledge warnings not to do so. Why wouldn't Iran want nuclear weapons?  Look what the US did to the nation next door and they're not stupid, the folks at the Pentagon decided not to invade North Korea. And lets not forget, the US orchestrated the coup that overthrew the secular democratic government of Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 and installed the murderous dictatorship of the Shah. Blame US and British interference ion that country for the rise of the Mullahs.  An Israeli or US attack on Iran will set off a global chain of events that will be hard to quell but it can't be ruled out and certainly the Zionists are crazy enough to do so regardless.
One wonders how much longer events like Black Friday, Christmas sales and the Superbowl will keep Americans from taking a more active role in the affairs of state, made harder by the fact that workers have no political party of our own here and the heads of organized labor stay mum about foreign policy.  The mass media in the US is extremely closed and tightly censored and designed to carve up the year in to sections, baseball, football, basketball, with sales events in between.  There has been a major strike going on here for over a week as dock workers shut down two of the major ports in the country in a state with one of the top 6 economies in the world, but such events are not real newsworthy and might give people ideas. 

Despite this, the recent walkouts at fast food outlets the above mentioned strike and an earlier major action by teachers in Chicago, and the actions at the dreaded Wal Mart, have forced the mass media to take notice. The Occupy movement, while quieted is not yet dead and major cuts from the Obama administration are on the way so it's likely were in for a long hot summer in 2013.

It's hard to say exactly how things will unfold but one thing is certain; there's no solution on the basis of capitalism.

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