Thursday, December 6, 2012

Forbes 71 most powerful. Look at it this way.

Forbes has just published its 71 mot powerful people on the planet. There are almost all kinds on it. The unelected anti women dictator of the Catholic church is on it in fifth place. The worlds richest illegal drug dealer is on it in sixty third place. But I do not want to draw your attention to who is on it. You can imagine who they are, the usual collection of billionaires, billionaires politicians,  crooks and the like. I want to draw your attention to who is not on it.

There are tens and tens of millions of organized trade unionists in the world. These workers can stop world production, transport and commerce. They are the most powerful force in the world. But yet! And think about this. There is not a single trade union leader on this list of 71. Not a single one of them makes it into the top 71 most powerful people in the world. This is staggering. There should be another list -  the 71 most pathetic people who boot lick the rich. There would be plenty of trade union leaders on that one for sure.

But more seriously. Why is it that there are no trade union leaders on this list. It is not because Forbes is a right wing capitalist journal which it is. It is because the trade union leaders refuse to use their power and not only that crush their own members when they try to use their power. The trade union leaders believe there is no alternative to capitalism, in fact have cushy positions in capitalism, they support capitalism, so therefore they prevent their own members from organizing against capitalism. This is why they are not on the most powerful list. With their present policies and action they have no power. Forbes is right in that sense. The union leaders have potential power but they do not use it. This is why they are not on this list.

It would not be hard to get on it. A world wide general strike for a minimum diet for all, affordable homes, free education and health care for all. This would get the attention of Forbes and their buddies. This would get the union leaders who would organize this into the top most powerful list alright. But it would also bring them into conflict with capitalism and this is why they will not do it.

The union leaders with their cowardice before capitalism have forfeited their right to lead the working class movement. They and their pro capitalist policies must be removed. To do this fighting mass direct action anti capitalist  workers groups have to be built in the union locals, workplaces, communities, schools and colleges.  Link these together and fight. This will change the list of the world's most powerful. What could Bill Gates or Obama do if they did not have workers to operate the machines and  grow the food and on and on. No they would never make the most powerful list in a sane world.


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