Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The enemy within: The war against US workers is designed in Washington

The US working class is under assault. We are losing gains that took decades to win. We are being asked to work harder, longer and with fewer rights, lower wages and benefits, all in order to bail out capitalism. We have already handed over trillions to the banks and the coupon clippers who caused this mess. We are also funding one of the world's most efficient and bloated killing machines. The US has some 100 war ships in the Persian Gulf. It is the "Persian Gulf" by the way. Could you imagine 100 Russian or Chinese warships in the Caribbean?

US capitalism is waging a war against its own working class because it is waging war on the workers of the world on behalf of the coupon clippers, the few thousand folks who profit from their place as heads and managers of the major corporations of the world. Al Jazeera has an interesting piece on the upcoming debates and what we "won't" hear discussed.

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