Monday, October 1, 2012

Global terrorist, Oliver North, talks of "Injun Country" in Afghanistan

Oliver North, a butcher of some repute refers here to an area in  Afghanistan as "Injun Country".  North is one of the most distasteful of US imperialism's hatchet men. It's hardly unlikely that he wasn't personally involved in the much used US technique of throwing Vietnamese peasants out of aircraft as a means of getting captives to inform on Vietcong fighters or movements. He is a truly despicable human being. It says something about the US that someone who is touted as a military historian (he leaves out a lot of his murderous activity of course) can be given any respect at all using a term like "Injun country" on a major media network.

North, like his buddy the B movie actor Reagan as well as George HW  Bush, is personally responsible for the torture and deaths of thousands of men, women, children, and priests in US imperialism's violence in Central America.  I can't say I would shed a tear, except perhaps one of joy, at North's demise. 

A decent movie that includes some of North's (and George HW Bush's) contributions to global terrorism is The Panama Deception.  It's a bit long if I recall but worth it.  Roberto Duran is good in it. Those old enough to remember the Invasion of Panama will recall that was one of the first post Vietnam wars where  there were no deaths due to the fine precision of the US military's weaponry.  This movie undermines this claim.  There are never dead people in US capitalism's predatory wars.

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