Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thanks to our readers for helping make our blog a success

Dear readers, you may have noticed on the meter on the top right corner of our blog that we have now surpassed 300,000 page views since we set up the blog. We want to thank all those who have visited us, both our regular readers and our less regular readers. We would also like to thank our followers including those who follow on Twitter,  300,000 is a great achievement.  We would like to request that you all keep reading our blog. We would like to also request that we consider is there a way we can bring together people who read our blog regularly to discuss the ideas of the blog and we would also like to request that all our readers link our blog to other blogs and lists and that they themselves become followers of the blog. 

We also have some financial outlays related to the blog including printing of fliers and hard copies of the FFWP that we send out as resources will allow. We also want to upgrade our limited video capabilities for interviews and events.  If you like to read the blog and can spare a donation please use the donation button to the right.  Any money not immediately used will stay in that PayPal account and used for any activity or support of activity related to our work.

Also, if you have a story about work, events that happen every day on the job in our interactions with the boss, or the system in general.  Please feel free to send them to us at:

Thank you all once again for your great support for our blog. Thanks also to all those whose great articles we have put on the blog to share with our readers.  On to 500, 000 hits.

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