Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic Games and Seinfeld

Well I am proud of myself not having watched any of the Olympics.  So last night I thought I'd watch the ten o'clock news sports and get a glimpse of it.  The sports guy gives detailed reports of the Giant and the A's then reports on the Olympics.  A still comes up on screen identifying the two basketball teams with the results of the match.. The NBA (the US pro team that is entered int he Olympics) defeated the Team Australia handily.  Then the show ended. 

That's quite some coverage of the  various countries and nationalities competing in the many varied sports.  Is that bad coverage or what? It made me feel a little isolated.

Things perked up though.  Seinfeld came on and it was the episode where Jerry and Elaine are sitting on the couch, former lovers and now friends deciding if they should have sex or not. They discuss the dangers, the loss of friendship etc, and make some rules that eventually make them feel secure enough to  head in to the bedroom.  It's a great scene, brilliant writing.  Later ion the episode George and Jerry have a very brief discussion about Aquaman.  Does he spend more time on the water than land?  It's the best writing of any TV sitcom.

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