Sunday, June 17, 2012

US drone warfare: global terrorism at its best.

Source: New Statesman
The roots of terrorism lie in US foreign policy.  These figures are most likely conservative as the dead are "suspected" militants "alleged" militants" "enemy combatants" (which means they aren't soldiers therefore outside of the rules of war and available for torture) "al Qaeda operatives" or variations of the above.

And the International Criminal Court goes after small fry.  I think I am right in stating that the only ones tried for crimes against humanity are from African countries. Kissinger, no.  Rumsfeld, Bush, Obama, no. The next will be be Bashar al Assad no doubt.  Hilary Clinton going around the world talking about the Russians supplying Assad weapons that are killing civilians is rightly seen as the hypocrisy it is. She supported supplying bin Laden with rocket launchers etc. The puppet regime in South Vietnam that couldn't even get elected by its own people, Saddam Hussein, the Shah of Iran, Mobutu, you name it---the pentagon has armed them all.  Mobutu is estimated to have killed two million.  Then there's the Palestinians.  The US arms the Zionist regime to the teeth.  Caterpillar supplies the machines that bulldoze Palestinian homes. 

Here's one of the many reasons we are under assault here at home, got to pay for this stuff.

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