Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sandusky, Catholic Church.

Below I commented about the epidemic of child abuse that exists in the Catholic church. Now we have the guilty verdict for Sandusky the football coach at Penn State university. He has been found guilt on 45 of 48 counts. Just as in the Catholic church others and higher ups knew what was going on and covered it up, in the Sandusky case others and higher ups in the Penn State university and football program knew about what was going on and covered it up. This is a criminal staggering cruel assault on children. And it was let go on for years and it is still going on in location after location across the country. The local cops also sat back. Sandusky was first brought to their attention in 1998. Then there is the local legal system which last night was congratulating itself on finding Sandusky guilty when for years it had sat by. No we see that Sandusky's lawyer says he will appeal. I suppose there is money in it for him even though he is putting the victims though more suffering. It is hard to see an end to the disgusting behavior. But when there is money and control involved then the worst comes out.

There are a number of features. Both organizations, the Catholic Church and the profit addicted sports industrial complex  are part and parcel of capitalist ideology and control in the US. Both are used to divert attention of the working class from the vicious capitalist society which exists. Drama indoors, drama outdoors, bread and circuses, rewards in heaven, threats in hell. Just do not give serious thought to the capitalist system and the way capitalism controls society and working peoples lives. When I was young I played soccer, Gaelic football and rugby, I was as they used to say sports mad. But now I cannot look at a game as all I can see are the dollar signs and the use of sports to keep the masses down. And the money that the corporations directly make from the industry. The military industrial complex, the health sickness complex, to these we can add the sports industrial complex. This complex and its profits were threatened by Sandusky's behavior. This is why there was the cover up for so long. 

It is estimated that the football program at Penn State made tens of millions every year for that university. With that coming in the sports program ran the university not the other way around. The recently deceased coach Paterno was asked to resign some time ago and he refused and the university had to back down. 

I will not go on here to the role of golf in the networking and control of society by capitalism. Of course seeing it is mostly a game played by the corporate types they can set their principles aside in one area. In every other area they preach every person for themselves and the devil take the hindmost. But in golf you see it is different. There they have the handicap. Ah yes the handicap. So if some overweight corporate type cannot make it they handicap the field to make it easier for the rich overweight types. The handicap, is it not a form of socialism, of sport welfare? The handicap is not used in society. Why not. It would only seem fair. Those born with tens of millions and other advantages, should they not be handicapped and those born with nothing be given a chance on an equal playing field. Please do not respond to this post and say I believe that capitalism can be made fair. i am only being ironic to make a point. 

But back to the Catholic Church and Penn State and Sandusky, their lawyers will now be scrambling to find some way to get these criminals off the hook and make more money for themselves.  Even if they do they will always be guilty in peoples' minds and their institutions will always be guilty of covering up their crimes. 


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