Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oakland: Lakeview school sit-in.

This is a short video about the parent/teacher sit-in at Lakeview School in Oakland California. Lakeview is one of the five schools the OUSD wants to close. There will be a march and rally on Saturday the 23rd to support the "people's school" (see flier in previous blog). When I came to this country in 1973 I volunteered at this school in what they called the early childhood education program. It was a wonderful experience, especially as I'd basically dug ditches or worked in factories most of my life up to that point. I'll never forget my experience at Lakeview and thanks to the parents, teachers and supporters who are fighting to keep all the schools open and fight for public education.
The People's School - Lakeview Elementary Sit-in from Y.A.I. on Vimeo.

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