Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Police shoot three in housing struggles in South Africa

We blogged a few posts back about the arrest of  Unemployed People's Movement (UPM) leader Bheki Buthellezi by the South African police and an open letter from the Democratic Left Front demanding his release.  He has since been released but the police violence in Umlazi continues. 


                           Emergency Abm and  UPM Press Statement
26 June 2012

The Police Have Shot Three People in Umlazi

Earlier this evening the police shot three unarmed people, with live
ammunition, following an attempt to occupy the office of the councilor in Ward

One of the people who was shot has been found in a hospital but the condition
and whereabouts of the other two is not clear at the moment.

The police in Durban have a record of using live ammunition against unarmed
protesters, of using torture against activists and of trying to fabricate cases
against activists. There is real concern that the situation could escalate
further before the sun rises tomorrow and during the coming days.

A full statement will be issued tomorrow when the details of what has happened
can be clearly established. At the moment the urgent priority is try ensure
that the injured get good medical attention and that other activists in the
area are kept safe.

For more information and updates from on the ground please contact:

Bheki Buthelezi: Unemployed People's Movement 072 639 9893
China Ngubane: R2K 072 651 9790

To find about more about these landless and poor people's movements in South Africa visit:  http://www.abahlali.org  and Sekwanele! - http://antieviction.org.za/

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