Sunday, June 17, 2012

Growing opposition to US capitalism's wars among the troops: Free Bradley Manning

We can only guess at the level of discontent and degeneration among US troops fighting US capitalism's wars around the globe. We do know that the disintegration of the military was a major factor (along with the Vietnamese resistance) in the defeat of US capitalism in Vietnam. More and more veterans are seeing that they were duped by the powerful US spin machine and are fighting back. FFWP recommends that our readers watch the movie, The Tillman Story, a powerful film about a young, courageous and principled American who, in the opinion of this writer, was murdered by the US government for refusing to be their poster boy for the Pentagon's wars. Also, check out "Sir No Sir" to get a sense of the level of opposition within the US military to the Vietnam War. This report shares some of the developments within the military that neither CNN or Fox News will share with us

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