Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Powell and the war criminals of the Iraq war.

All of the Bush regime are war criminals. Recent remarks from Colin Powell confirm that there was never any considered debate about the Iraq war. Bush and his oil companies and his military and his US corporations wanted to increase their base in the Middle East and to drive up into Central Asia and surround Russia and China. So they had to go to war and they had to find excuses for doing so. Non-existent weapons of mass destruction and 9/11 to which Saddam Hussein had no connection were what they came up with.

"Here is what is said about the Iraq war:  "
The war, which President Barack Obama officially brought to an end Dec. 31, cost the U.S. government around $3 trillion left 4,487 U.S. service members dead and  killed more than 100,000 Iraqi's. The Pentagon counts 32,226 U.S. service members wounded, but the toll, including cumulative psychological and physiological damage, may be as high as half a million." 

The entire Bush regime are war criminals. And next time you hear that the country cannot afford health care for all, better education for all, better housing for all, think about this $3 trillion spent on the Iraq war. And think also about the 100,000 plus Iraqis slaughtered and the thousands of Americans and the tens of thousands damaged physically and mentally. It is hard to think of greater war criminals than Bush and Cheyney and company. 


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